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Gain up to 25h per month to grow your business

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Save up to 50€ per month in accounting software

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Unify your business management in one tool and obtain a 360 vision, in real time and always available

Why freelancers trust Nomo?


Time saving

Our goal is to manage your paperwork so you can make your business grow. Your priorities are ours too.



And honesty. Those are our main values. This is why our plans don’t have permanency not hidden tricks.


You business on your phone

Unifiy your business management in one tool and get a 360 vision, in real time and always available.


Why is it useful to have my expenses and sales in Nomo?

From your issued invoices and expenses, Nomo calculates the tax forecast that you will have to pay at the end of each quarter. In addition, you will be able to control your treasury and know the state of your financial health.

Which banks can I link to Nomo?

We currently have the following banks:

    • Abanca
    • ActivoBank
    • Andbank
    • Arquia
    • BBVA
    • BMN
    • Banca March
    • Banca Pueyo
    • Banco Caminos
    • Banco Pichincha
    • Banco Popular
    • Banco Sabadell
    • Bankia
    • Bankinter
    • Bankoa
    • CCM
    • Caixa Albalat
    • Caixa Alginet
    • Caixa Almenara
    • Caixa Alqueries
    •  Caixa Altea
    • Caixa Burriana
    • Caixa Callosa
    • Caixa Colonya
    • Caixa Guissona
    • Caixa Nules
    • Caixa Petrer
    •  Caixa Popular
    • Caixa Rural Vila-Real
    • Caixa Rural de Villar
    • Caixa Sant Vicent
    • Caixa Turís
    • Caixa Vilafamés
    • Caixa Vilavella
    • Caixa Xilxes
    •  CaixaBank,
    •  Caja Cheste
    •  Caja Laboral
    •  Caja Rural
    • Caja de Ingenieros
    • CajaSur
    • Cajamar
    •  Coinc
    • Cuenta Facto
    • Deutsche Bank
    • Deutsche Bank Empresas
    •  EVO Banco
    •  España Duero
    • Global Caja
    • ING Direct
    • Ibercaja
    •  Imaginbank
    • Kutxabank
    •  LiberBank
    •  Mediolanum
    •  N26
    • Novo Banco
    • Oficina Directa
    • OpenBank
    • RuralVia
    •  Santander
    •  Selfbank
    • Targobank
    • Triodos
    • UBS Bank
    • Unicaja
    • Renta4banco
    •  uno-e

Do I have any discount for being a customer of Banco Sabadell?

As a customer of Banco Sabadell you have a free year of our Standard Plan and a 32% discount applied to the annual subscription of the Premium Plan. To get your discount, you only have to tell us that you are a Banco Sabadell customer, and once verified, we will send you the discount codes, which you can exchange at the time of payment.

How many questions can I ask to the tax advisor?

You can ask unlimited questions related with your accounting and your business

In which Spain Territories do we offer tax advisor services?

Our tax advisor service for freelancers is available for all Autonomous Communities except for the Canary Islands.

Is my information protected?

Your data is 100% secure. Nomo makes constant backups so that the information can be available whenever you need it.

In addition, our servers store data with the latest technology to perform backups at the highest level.

Can I unsubscribe whenever I want?

You can cancel your subscription at any time you consider by accessing: Profile> Subscription> Modify your Account> Modify Plan> Cancel Plan. Remember that by confirming the cancellation, all your data will be deleted and you will lose all the stored information.