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Automatically record your expenses and income, instantly calculate your net profit, and even estimate your tax returns. Nomo is everything you need to manage your business in the palm of your hand.

Add your business expenses

Scan or add manually your receipts and send an organized file to your accountant. Soon our digitization system will be approved by the Spanish tax agency.

Monitor your income

Capture or add manually your invoices to see your net profit and monthly salary.
Avoid surprises when you file your taxes.

Create and send your personalized invoices and budgets

Invoicing and sending budgeting has never been easier. Customize your template with you professional logo and create and send invoices and budgets to your clients. Don’t forget that once approved, you’ll be able to convert your budget into invoice.

Add your business bank account

Link your business bank account, visualize all your account movements and assign to each movement the ticket of the expense or the invoices you issue to your costumers. Having everything under control is possible!

Submit your taxes with our digital tax advisor service

Having a tax advisor that suits you is possible. Generate your accounting books, submit your taxes through your phone and contact your tax advisor whenever you need via chat, email or call. In addition, the transfer from your old tax advisor is totally free. Forget about the quarterly settlement!

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Skip the paperwork and grow your business

Control your accounting and save time on tax presentations with our accountant. Discover our plans!

Indicador de riesgo aplicable a la Cuenta Expansión Negocios

Everything your business needs without preoccupations

Enjoy exclusively the Expansión Negocios Account (1) for the self-employed of Nomo By Banco Sabadell

  • 0 comission for account administration, maintenance, national transfers, negotiation and check clearing in euros

  • Profitability 0% APR

  • Free cards! One debit card and one credit card without emission or maintenance fee

  • Contract a TPV adapted to your business

  • You will have preferential access to financing

The account that makes your business grow

(1) The conditions of the Cuenta Expansión Negocios will be maintained as far as the requirement established in the contract is met. There must be a minimum monthly income of 700 euros. This requirement has monthly compliance and if the second month is not met, the Cuenta Expansión Negocios will automatically become a Cuenta Relación. The income from accounts opened in the Banco Sabadell group in the name of the same owner is excluded.

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Take advantage of the financial benefits of using this service


Get a cash advance on invoices that haven’t yet been paid

More than 45,000 freelancers manage their business with Nomo


Community Manager

What I like most about Nomo? It's easy, it's simple, I see my net profit and VAT clearance. I have control of my accounting and I can see what models and taxes I have to pay.



With Nomo, I know how the amount of VAT I can deduct. Finally I know how much I'll have to pay and how much I can expect to make!



I save a lot of time using Nomo! It helps me to know at all times what expenses I have and what I have gained. The best thing is that I can send it to my accountant in an excel.