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Enjoy the Cuenta Expansión Negocios for freelancers at Nomo By Banco Sabadell.

  • 0 administration fees, national transfers, negotiation and clearing of checks in euros
  • Possibility of total or partial bonus on the maintenance fee (1)
  • Free cards! One debit and one credit without issue or maintenance fee
  • Hire a POS adapted to your business
  • You will have preferential access to financing

The account that makes your business grow

Risk indicator applicable to the Cuenta Expansión Negocios
1. To open a Business Expansion Account, you will only have to have a monthly salary or regular income of a minimum amount of 700 euros, excluding those income from accounts opened in the Banco Sabadell group in the name of the same owner.
The account maintenance fee is 100 euros / year, which will be settled quarterly (25 euros / quarter). Account profitability: 0% TIN. APR: -3,940%, example if an average balance of 2,500 euros is maintained for 1 year.
Bonus for the entire maintenance fee (profitability of the 0% TIN and 0% APR account) if the ownership of the account is contracted through the bank and mediated by BanSabadell Mediación, Banking-Insurance Operator of the Banco Sabadell Group , SA, NIF A-03424223, some of these insurances:
– Auto Protection, Business and Office Protection, Business Protection, Autonomous Subsidy Protection, Life Protection, Life Protection for SMEs, Health Protection for SMEs, Civil Liability or Professional Civil Liability. Bonus for half the maintenance commission (account profitability: 0 % TIN and -1.9850% APR, example if an average balance of 2,500 euros is maintained for 1 year) if any of the following alternative conditions by the trade are met during the last three months:
– Have carried out a minimum of 60 purchase operations with the point of sale terminal (POS) contracted through the bank.
– Have invoiced a minimum of 6,000 euros with the POS contracted through the bank.
– Have 6 debit entries domiciled in the account as payment of payroll or taxes or social insurance.

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