Discover everything Nomo can do for you

Add your expenses and sales

Take a picture: digitize automatically your expenses and sale invoices with just one picture. They will be automatically saved in Nomo


Manual add: upload them manually to edit the form if you do not have the physical ticket with you


Send them via email: and we will automatically add them to your sales or expenses tabs

Create and send personalized proposals and invoices

From now on, preparing proposals and sending invoices is as it can get. With a customizable template with your logo, you’ll be able to create and send proposals and invoices to your clients and make a follow up of the payments. In addition, convert your proposals into invoices in one second!

Link your bank account

Take control o your treasury: manage your professional bank accounts and visualize your net profit on the main screen of the app



Conciliate your bank account movements with your invoices: link your bank account movements to all your expense tickets and sale invoices you issue to your clients

Take control of your taxes

Configure them and get a foresight of your taxes in real time. Choose those taxes that apply to your activity and avoid surprises with your tax filling:

  • VAT
  • IRPF
  • Direct Estimation
  • Modules
  • Suppliers Retentions
  • Rent Retentions
  • Incomes Retention

File you taxes with our accountant: we automatically generate your accounting books so that our accountant can file your taxes every quarterly settlement

Save your contacts

Add your clients: create their contact to accelerate your sale invoicing process



Suppliers: save their data and add them to your recurring expenses