Take control of your business

Simplify your life by managing your business with Nomo

Everything in one simple place

Automatically record your expenses and income, instantly calculate your net profit, and even estimate your tax returns. Nomo is everything you need to manage your business in the palm of your hand.

Digitize your business expenses

Scan your receipts and send an organized file to your accountant. Soon our digitization system will be approved by the Spanish tax agency.

Monitor your income

Capture your invoices to see your net profit and monthly salary.
Avoid surprises when you file your taxes.

Add your business bank account

Link your business bank account, visualize all your account movements and assign to each movement the ticket of the expense or the invoices you issue to your costumers. Having everything under control is possible!

Automatically deduct VAT

Convert your receipts into bills to deduct VAT and improve your business’s liquidity


Open your professional account with card!

Enjoy exclusively the Expansión Negocios Account for the self-employed of Nomo By Banco Sabadell

  • No comission for account administration nor maintenance

  • Free cards! Choose between debit or credit. No emission or maintenance fee

  • Contract a TPV adapted to your business

  • You will have preferential access to financing

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Get answers to your financial questions


Get protected and the health insurance you’ve always wanted


Finance your business from your phone–without leaving home


Make interest and plan for the future


Take advantage of the financial benefits of using this service


Get a cash advance on invoices that haven’t yet been paid

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Community Manager

What I like most about Nomo? It's easy, it's simple, I see my net profit and VAT clearance. I have control of my accounting and I can see what models and taxes I have to pay.



With Nomo, I know how the amount of VAT I can deduct. Finally I know how much I'll have to pay and how much I can expect to make!



I save a lot of time using Nomo! It helps me to know at all times what expenses I have and what I have gained. The best thing is that I can send it to my accountant in an excel.