Tax advisor

Forget about tax filling. Free transfer from your old tax advisor

Accounting books

As you add invoices to Nomo, we automatically generate an invoice and expense register in an excel document to allow our tax advisor to prepare and file your taxes

Preparation and tax filling

With all your information, the tax advisor will prepare your tax filling draft. We include the following models:


  • Model 111
  • Model 115
  • Model 123
  • Model 130
  • Model 180
  • Model 190
  • Model 193
  • Model 303
  • Model 347
  • Model 349
  • Model 390


*If you need to prepare a model that’s not in this list, visit our add on services here

We domicile your tax filling payment

We domicile your tax filling payment to the bank account of your preference so you can forget about the quarterly settlement

Your tax advisor on your phone, always available

Get in touch with your tax advisor through the chat in the app, via web, email or phone. You decide how you want to talk to your advisor!



Enjoy unlimited inquiries, resolve all your doubts without any kind of restriction and whenever you need. Our advisor is always available