Nomo team

We are Nomo, and there is something we are obsessed with: your time

Who we are

Often the world is not conscious of the quantity of tasks, especially administrative, that freelancers and self-employed have to do and could be automated. You were born to be the best at your job, no to take the financial burden of your business.


That’s why we decided to design and launch Nomo, to offer time under this integral solution that gives response at all your necessities. The most important? To give you a better experience, Nomo is made by you thanks to your feedback and recommendations.


Time for you, to be with your family, to work, to meet with your friends, for whatever you decide. Leave the rest of the tasks to us.


More time for you is equivalent to more happiness! Believe us, we’ve tried it.

Our Values

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Time is money

Group 15

Our costumers, source of wisdom

Group 19

Going a step further


Atention and proactivity

Group 21

Improve daily


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Xavier Capellades


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Sílvia Langa

Head of Design

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Sílvia Nájar

UX/UI Design

Sin título-1_0008_1531

Laura Armengol

Illustration & Design

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Guillem Valls

Head of Product

Sin título-1_0011_1493

Bea Perales

Head of Marketing

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Mariona Dotras

Marketing Specialist

Sin título-1_0010_1509

Laura Moreno

Marketing Specialist

Sin título-1_0005_1565

Alex Müller

Tech Lead

Sin título-1_0004_1595

Carlos Quiroga

Software Engineer

Sin título-1_0003_1618

Carlos Riera

Software Engineer

Sin título-1_0001_1643

Rafael Etcheverry

Software Engineer

Sin título-1_0002_1640

Gabriel Cerdà

Quality Assurance